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Currently the entire range comprises of:

StrikeMate the measurement system.

Our unique technology negates the movement of the person doing the holding** during impact. Furthermore StrikeMate has the ability to detect if it is not being held securely. It can detect any impact that is out of the target area or whose attack angle is greater than 30 degrees i.e. if it is skewed. StrikeMate also features an anti-cheating routine which effectively aids the judging of power generation in a competition where StrikeMate is being handheld. This additional routine can detect sharp movements left, right or back and forth which would otherwise have an effect on the result. Users can be confident of the power measurements obtained, any peculiarities will generate an error message and the strike will not be measured. This allows StrikeMate to be utilised almost anywhere. StrikeMate is designed to be really simple to set up and use. Simply load the software, plug in the unit and start measuring straight away. StrikeMate comes complete with standard PC software on disc, 4.5m of robotic cable, 3.0m USB cable and a PC interface. ** We suggest the person doing the holding is substantially larger than the person striking the StrikeMate.

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"StrikeMate is designed to be really simple to initially set up and use. Simply load the software plug the unit in and start measuring straight away."

Kevin Franklin,
Strike Research Founder

"Probably the most exciting sport science product I have seen in 30 years of being in the industry."

Paul Clifton,
Publisher of Combat, Fighters, Traditional Karate, Taekwondo & Korean Martial Arts