June 2017

The last version custom built and supplied to the UFC Sport Performance Center in Las Vegas to monitor performance and use as a training tool.

May 2017

Thanks to Professor Luke Vecchio, another peer reviewed scientific paper published by the school of medical and applied sciences university of Newcastle Australia using the StrikeMate Pro.

March 2017

Extensive testing by Loughborough University for applications in NFL with exciting positive results.

July 2016

We are proud to supply the measuring system and software for WOM-TV's 'The Worlds hardest Hitter, TV show. (136...)

May 2016

StrikeMate voted Product of the Year at the British Martial Arts Awards.Click Here to Listen

March 2016

StrikeMate Pro used as part of a promotional video for the latest EA sport video game UFC2 to compare different sports

October 2015

StrikeMate used in scientific study entitled The Influence of a Padded Hand Wrap on Punching Force in Elite and Untrained Punchers.

Click Here here to download PDF.

March 2015: StrikeMate is featured with Conor McGregor in 'Rising Stars' on Fox Sport.

A clip showing the StrikeMate in action is then promptly positioned on the front page of the UFC web-site.

April 2015: Boca Rotan, Miami, Jaco Hybrid Gym, home of the Blackzillions.

Following installation at the gym, StrikeMate is used by Fox Sport as part of the technology for assessing fighters in this summer's 'Ultimate Fighter' series on Fox Sport.

July 2014-

StrikeMate seen on Fox Sport USA. Inside the ferocious training camps and action-packed lives of six of the UFC's most electrifying competitors on UFC Road to the Octagon: Lawler vs Brown. Don't miss this action packed card on FOX Saturday, July 26th at 4:15/1:15 ET/PT. Click Here to View

March 2014 -

Superkombat UK trials to utilise StrikeMate to measure, rank and monitor the fitness of contenders. Here is a video statement from, Contender Promotions founder Gary Bell.Click Here to View Video

Nov 2013-

Luke Del Vecchio ESSAM AEP, ASS Accredited Sports Scientist & Exercise Physiologist PhD Candidate at CQ University Australia, presents his research paper entitled MAXIMAL UPPER BODY STRENGTH AND POWER ARE CORRELATED WITH PUNCHING PERFORMANCE IN AMATEUR KICKBOXERS at Australian Strength and Conditioning conference, November 2014 based on data from the StrikeMate.

Aug 2013- Ramming Power

StrikeMate featured on the National Geographic channel on 25/8/13 Ramming Power as part of its series, America the wild. Please go to Gallery to see Video feature

June 2013- MMA Scouting

Proud to have supplied impact measurement equipment, to the first ever MMA Scouting Combine held by the UFC at their fan Expo in Las Vegas, all thanks to Go Sports Technologies.

April 2013- Television Appearance

Over the last couple of months we are proud to have supplied to Grizzly Creek Films for inclusion in the forthcoming National Geographic Television program and multiple medal winning Olympians.

October 2012-Scientific Breakthrough

Strike Research announces StrikeMate with new science onboard.




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"StrikeMate is a really good training aid with an element of competitive fun."

Hanshi Barry Nash (8th Dan) Chief instructor Heian Ryu Karate Group