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What exactly does the PowerKube measure and why is it breakthrough technology?

SRL has through original research and for the first time, developed a methodology of measuring and calibrating all human impacts in all sport, primarily MMA and Boxing, it's called the PowerKube. We express the impacts in terms of calibrated units of power and kinetic energy which together makes a compound unit we call the franklin(f) after it's inventor Kevin Franklin. These 3 factors, power, energy and their compound are provided numerically following each strike giving new insight to fighters and trainers as to how force is generated as power is speed related and kinetic energy is weight shifting

This overcomes the subjectivity of measuring force, which is surface dependent or pressure (PSI) which is contact area dependent and negatives potential injuries trying to measure either. This alternative approach required inventing a construction of plates, foams and a constricting bag, controlling compression of the PowerKube under impact, making it suitable for the maximum impact human beings are capable of and have devised an innovative method of processing which allows units additionally to make measurements when handheld and ensures similar measurements across all units in mass production by means of a standardized method of setup and calibration.

With appropriate software, multiple users in a gym or recreational facility, or and multiple facilities can be linked over the web to provide cross border comparisons and leagues.

The PowerKube is PC compatible and comes with sophisticated customizable performance mapping software, tracking progress, automatically creating fighter profiles, for individuals and across a group, including symmetry, reaction times, endurance and stamina per technique and medical monitoring.

Scientists at the Australian Institute of Sport quantified the reliability of the StrikeMate (the original development tool that preceded the PowerKube) for measuring maximal punching power in athletes. Their findings help coaches and athletes interpret the results of testing using the StrikeMate. Their assessments showed that if an athlete punching power improves by more than 1.8% over time, they can be confident that their training has led to positive change in performance, not simply random variation'.

Quote: Clare Humberstone, PhD BSc (Hons), Senior Sport Physiologist, Physiology, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Commission. Measurements taken in kilowatts

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"I’ve never measured how powerful my punch is. I’ve broken punching machines, I’ve beaten guys 10 times my size, but I haven’t measured my punch because it’s not worth smashing my hands up. You can ask my last 25 opponents what my punching power is like."

Amir Khan, Boxer*
Quoted from an interview in Jam, the News of the World men’s magazine 2011.

Manchester University’s School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) measured the force* and speed of 4 punches by the boxer Ricky Hatton. The study cost between £10,000 and £12,000 +VAT, around £3000 per punch.

According to the Managing Director of Biosense Medical Ltd.

"The scope for analysis and comparisons is endless. White belt beginners to Masters are all ideal candidates for testing and measurement."

Kevin Franklin,
Strike Research Founder