Strike Research is currently a dedicated research and product development organisation working in the area of sport science. Strike Research is the world leader in analysing and quantifying human impacts in all contact sport. Following an intense 6 year programme, we are now seeking partners, distributors and OEM clients globally, that share our vision of making StrikeMate the de facto standard for measuring sport impacts.

The Discovery

Strike Research has for the first time, overcome the two major obstacles associated with measuring the total force generated in all impact sports. Firstly negating the potential for serious injury, during measurements. Secondly, traditional force measurement is entirely subjective, that is, the harder the surface, the greater the force generated. Therefore, the maximum force human beings can exert can only be achieved when striking a completely solid object! For that reason, no standardised system of force measurement currently exists. Furthermore, as the hardness of each rig used determines the outcome and all rigs vary in hardness, all existing studies to-date, are incomparable. Newtonian units of force are only applicable to inanimate objects. Force measurement is only a snapshot of what's happening. An inanimate object, unlike a human, cannot shift its centre of gravity during the impact. To capture this you need a longer time base, a different method of measurement entirely. Following 4 years research, and a further 2 years testing with real people and real impacts, in virtually every discipline, a relationship has been discovered between the measurable (SI) units of power and energy. The power component is related to speed, so the faster the strike the greater the impact. Energy is related to the weight of the impact. It is (kinetic) energy that gives an impact its penetrative characteristic. We call these factors speed power and compressive energy. When combined, these allow the quantification of all human impacts. We call this compound unit the franklin (f), a measurement of human force, named after its inventor. For the non-technical, the harder you hit, the bigger the number (f). This breakthrough allows for a whole new generation of calibrated, sensitive, standardised (everyone is the same) satisfyingly tactile, PC based training and testing equipment. We call it the StrikeMate and it gives the user new and invaluable information, not previously available, instantly, from the novice to the scientist.

Please click here to see fast rising star of the UFC, Conor McGregor, putting the StrikeMate through its paces, at the California State University Department of Kinesiology College of Health and Human Development.

The Testing

Field tested for 24 months and used globally by Olympians, Sport Institutes, International Martial Arts Associations, Sport Universities and professional trainers involved with elite athletes and television companies including National Geographic Television and Fox Sport.

The Benefits

StrikeMate will bring about a positive revolution in the way people train. Interactive training means seeing the results of your training, what works and what doesn't in real time, improvements and information comes fast!

Business Opportunity

With new technology comes new opportunities in sponsorship, distribution franchising & OEM supply, please see Business Opportunities section for exciting details.

The Feedback

'Recently, scientists at the Australian Institute of Sport quantified the reliability of the StrikeMate for measuring maximal punching power in athletes. Their findings help coaches and athletes interpret the results of testing using the StrikeMate. Their assessments showed that if an athletes punching power improves by more than 1.8% over time, they can be confident that their training has lead to positive change in performance, not simply random variation'. Quote: Clare Humberstone, PhD BSc (Hons), Senior Sport Physiologist, Physiology, Australian Institute of Sport, Australian Sports Commission. Measurements taken in kilowatts


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"I’ve never measured how powerful my punch is. I’ve broken punching machines, I’ve beaten guys 10 times my size, but I haven’t measured my punch because it’s not worth smashing my hands up. You can ask my last 25 opponents what my punching power is like."

Amir Khan, Boxer*
Quoted from an interview in Jam, the News of the World men’s magazine 2011.

Manchester University’s School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) measured the force* and speed of 4 punches by the boxer Ricky Hatton. The study cost between £10,000 and £12,000 +VAT, around £3000 per punch.

According to the Managing Director of Biosense Medical Ltd.

"I have always wanted to measure power in the dojo, and witness for myself how changes in techniques effects power generation."

Kevin Franklin,
Strike Research Founder